On the instructions of Chairman Bilawal, JahanAra Wattoo visits Christian colony

JahanAra M Wattoo, a provincial leader of Pakistan Peoples Party has visited the Christian Colony Rawalpindi, attacked by the PTI goons for not voting the party. She was accompanied by the local leadership and representatives of the Christian Community.


The PPP Minority Wing Rawalpindi office bearers have accorded​ her a warm welcome – and apprised her about the incident as well as problems religious minorities are facing in the area.

She has told that on the instruction of the Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, who had taken notice of the incident, we were here to express solidarity with the Christian community.

It is worth reminding here that, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Chairman PPP has already taken the notice and strongly condemned the incident.


JahanAra M Wattoo added that only the PPP truly represents religious minorities of the country. She has met Christian families and expressed her deep concern for their life, security, and well-being.

She has stated, that the PPP was the only party which had given most sacrifices for democracy and human rights, its pro-minorities policies and its leadership’s vision of equal rights and equal opportunities resulted in the representation of minorities in the Senate as well as in all legislative institutions. She maintained that the PPP was a progressive, liberal and democratic party, which believed in freedom of minorities and giving equal rights to them as per 1973 constitution. Its Chairman is the only political leader with the courage to say so openly that “I want to see Christian Prime Minister of Pakistan in my Lifetime”.

She has further said that the Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s unequivocal stance against terrorism and extremism right from the beginning was marked with clarity and the recent swinging of the public opinion and the rest of the political forces to his stand vindicated his vision that the evil could only be tackled by taking on the militants on their turf, she observed.

She has remarked that the PPP is always considered as synonymous to pro-minorities party and PML (N) plus PTI as anti-minorities parties, adding PPP always protected the rights of Christians and other minorities and it would continue to do so.



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