Khursheed Shah asks Govt to fulfill farmers’ demands #FarmersNotTerrorists

Lahore – While addressing the Farmers’ Rally in Lahore, Leader of Opposition in National Assembly Khursheed Shah told that Pakistan Peoples Party is the true representative of farmers, reported Dunya News.

PPP leader told that the current government didn’t care about the rights of farmers whatsoever. He stressed that the farmers fulfill dietary requirements of the nation.

Leader of the Opposition further told that the current government could easily buy anything however, they won’t buy honor of the poor masses.

“Farmers are being hoodwinked by the current government and their exploitation is carried out through lowering down prices,” Khursheed Shah said.

Leader of the Opposition warned that just in case if demands of the famers were not met, Bilawal would be leading the Farmers’ Rally tomorrow.

PPP leader also told in his address that the government was well aware of all the methods corruption; however they didn’t understand that farmers are running our country’s economy.

Khursheed Shah also commented that the farmers were repented of not voting our party as we always care about their rights.


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