Illegal immigrants from Pakistan real causes are poverty & unemployment: Senator Taj Haider


Pakistan Peoples Party Senator Taj Haider remarked that the real causes of illegal immigration from Pakistan to other countries were poverty and unemployment. “Human trafficking cannot be stopped unless these issues are settled,” he added. He said that people were running out of the country due to no opportunities of employment.
Giving reference to an unknown report, Haider said that only 19 entities were functional out of 98 state entities privatised in the past and this indicated that successive governments were not serious to provide better employment opportunities to youth. “This has resulted in an exodus of manpower from the country,” he added.
He said that if all of these entities had not been privatised, these should have been completely functional and the people would not have become a tool at the hands of these human smugglers. “So the concept of privatisation is a flawed policy,” he added. Senator Nehal Hashmi of ruling party said that privatisation of some state entities and the successive government’s attention not to revive sick industrial units such as Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) led to job cuts in the country.
Published in The Nation newspaper on 01-Oct-2016


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