#SaveNabeel: PPP leader Shazia Marri raises a Christian teenager accused of blasphemy issue in NA

Pakistan Peoples Party’s lawmaker Shazia Marri has raised the issue of a young teenage boy named Nabeel Masih accused of blasphemy from Chak 66, Bhai Peru, District Kasur. He was arrested and charged under Sections 295/295 A under the Pakistan Penal Code.

The PPP’s Shazia Marri is the first politician from the country to have raised her voice over the injustice against the Christian teenager boy. During the session of National Assembly, she informed the House about the incident in Chak 66, District Kasur Punjab province. She urged for justice, as she took firm stance over the issue.

According to Christians in Pakistan’s report: Nabeel Masih son of Amanat Masih resident of Chak 66, Bhai Pheru, District Kasur, was fallaciously accused of posting a picture of Khana-e-Kaaba on Facebook which was deemed blasphemous by the complainant. Akhtar Ali; the complainant claimed that he had seen a post on Nabeel Masih’s Facebook timeline; which was derogatory towards an Islamic sacred place. He maintained that Nabeel had blasphemed by posting a picture of Khana-e-Kaaba in a derogatory manner therefore; he has hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims.

Soon after the accusations were brought against him, police hooked the youngster which they claim to be protective custody. Thus far, police have not made any significant progress in the interrogatory process. A bail petition was filed in a Sessions court in Pattoki, as he has been charged under Section 295-A which is bailable.

Nabeel’s bail application hearing was scheduled on October 1, Saturday nonetheless the court adjourned the proceedings after police requested for some additional time as they had not completed the Chalan (charge sheet) against Nabeel. His next court hearing is scheduled on October 8.

Earlier Ms. Shamila Ghyas in her article “#SaveNabeel: The Christian teenager’s life is in danger over false blasphemy allegation#SaveNabeel: The Christian teenager’s life is in danger over false blasphemy allegation” published in the Nation, writes about this incident and raised very valid questions:

His ‘blasphemous act’ had been to like a picture of Khane Kaaba on Facebook. Though the information was vague, it seemed it might have been a photo-shopped picture.

What has come to light, however, is that Akhtar Ali had taken Nabeel’s personal phone from him and started scrolling through his personal Facebook. The photo-shopped picture had appeared on Nabeel’s newsfeed.

Someone else had posted it.

Someone else had created it.

Nabeel had not clicked ‘like’ on it.

In fact, someone else had seen it too, not even Nabeel. How is that blasphemous? How many times have we seen material that we thought objectionable on our newsfeed? How many times have we seen things we did not approve of?

Should everyone be booked for blasphemy too then?.




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