Bilawal Bhutto meets Jahangir Badar’s family, vows to regain Punjab

PPP would remain forever indebt to the late leader for his service to both, the party and the nation: Bilawal Bhutto

LAHORE – Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Thursday Zardari visited late Jahangir Badar’s residence to condole his death and express sympathy to the bereaved family. He was accompanied by the Team PPP head Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari and senior leader of the party Azra Fazal Pechihu.

Paying tributes to late Jehangir Badr for his commitment to the party and democracy, Bilawal said he was a man with progressive thinking and an asset for the party. “I wanted to work with him (Badr) to benefit from his experience but I have lost the opportunity with his sudden demise”.

He said Jehangir Badar remained committed to his party through thick and thin.

He added that his party would remain forever indebt to the late leader for his service to both, the party and the nation. The void that late Badar’s demise has created would never be fulfilled.

While talking to media at the residence of late Jehangir Badr, he claimed that his party will not backtrack from its four demands and announce a long march against the government on December 27 if it failed to meet the deadline for their implementation.

“PPP’s current slogan is ‘Go Nisar Go’ which may turn into ‘Go Nawaz Go’ if the demands are not met till Dec 27,” he warned.

The four demands include reconstitution of parliamentary committee on national security, passage of opposition’s bill on Panama leaks, implementation of APC resolution on CPEC and appointment of a full time foreign minister.

Bilawal assured the media that there would be no U-turn on the four-point charter of demands.

To a question, he said that PPP was still a force to reckon with and shall remain so in future also. “We will all work together and regain Punjab in the next elections,” he added.


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